Unveiling the Whole You Retreat: A Transformative Experience with Brenda Ridgley

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Brenda Ridgley

Brenda Ridgley is a dedicated life coach and retreat leader, specializing in guiding women through midlife transitions. As a certified Mindvalley life coach, Brenda empowers women facing challenges like children leaving home, hormonal changes, and evolving personal identities. Her mission is to help women rediscover their passions and embrace their unique contributions to the world.

Lizzie Keu

Lizzie Keu is a vibrant and compassionate healer whose journey from corporate life to spiritual awakening has shaped her into a profound angel channeler and Reiki practitioner.

Lisa Haisha

Lisa Haisha is a passionate retreat leader, world traveler, and life coach dedicated to facilitating transformative experiences. With a wealth of knowledge and a heart full of compassion, Lisa has touched countless lives through her teachings and her book, “Soul Blazing.”

Despina Kamper

Despina Kamper, an experienced retreat leader from Australia, is the driving force behind Self-Discovery Labs. With a rich background in naturopathy, nutrition, and counseling, Despina has dedicated over 20 years to helping individuals manage stress and emotional disorders.

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Please note that the following excerpts from the interview have been paraphrased for clarity and brevity.

Ron: I’m here with Brenda Ridgley, a retreat leader and life coach, to talk about her transformative retreats. Brenda, can you tell us about yourself and the retreats you host?

Brenda: Thanks, Ron. I appreciate this opportunity. I’ve been hosting retreats for a few years now, and I’m a certified Mindvalley life coach. I work mainly with women in midlife who are navigating various transitions—kids moving out, parents moving in, hormonal changes, and sometimes being single for the first time in years. I love helping women see the light at the end of the tunnel, get excited about life again, and ignite their spirit. I bring this passion into my retreats.

Ron: Tell us more about your upcoming retreats and what participants can expect.

Brenda: Sure! I have two upcoming retreats. The first is a week-long retreat in Costa Rica starting on August 3rd. All my retreats are called the Whole You Retreat. They are mind-body-spirit experiences that include yoga, massages, and personal growth workshops. In August, we’ll have Tresson Bryant, a mindset and trauma coach, and Stacy Stedman, a fitness and wellness coach. I’ll also be focusing on friendship and connection, which is crucial in our increasingly isolated world.

Ron: What inspired you to start these retreats?

Brenda: It was my own journey through what I call my midlife funk. I spent years feeling lost and lonely, even though I was surrounded by people. Through dedicated research, reading, and praying, I realized I needed to reconnect with myself and others. This led to my midlife awakening, which I wrote about in my book, Lady and the Tribe. This journey sparked my passion for coaching and developing the retreat model.

Ron: What makes these retreats so impactful for participants?

Brenda: The retreats provide a safe, no-judgment zone where women can open up and transform. It’s incredible to see them go from feeling stuck to having a clear vision and a plan for their future. We help them uncover their unique gifts and passions, which often get lost in the hustle of daily life. It’s about reconnecting with their core values and finding what truly excites them.

Ron: Can you share some success stories from your retreats?

Brenda: Absolutely. Many women come solo, feeling nervous, but they quickly bond and open up. We’ve had women who have dealt with trauma find a new perspective and start to heal. Others have left with business plans and a renewed sense of purpose. It’s about gaining clarity and confidence to move forward.

Ron: How can people learn more about your retreats and join in?

Brenda: They can visit our website at wholeyouretreat.org for information on our Costa Rica and Breckenridge retreats. My personal website, brendaridgley.com, also has details about all our offerings, including coaching and events.

Ron: Thank you, Brenda, for sharing your story and insights. I’m sure many women will find inspiration and healing through your retreats.

Brenda: Thank you, Ron. I appreciate the opportunity to share.

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