Discovering Soul Rise Retreats: A Journey with Usha Dearing

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Brenda Ridgley

Brenda Ridgley is a dedicated life coach and retreat leader, specializing in guiding women through midlife transitions. As a certified Mindvalley life coach, Brenda empowers women facing challenges like children leaving home, hormonal changes, and evolving personal identities. Her mission is to help women rediscover their passions and embrace their unique contributions to the world.

Lizzie Keu

Lizzie Keu is a vibrant and compassionate healer whose journey from corporate life to spiritual awakening has shaped her into a profound angel channeler and Reiki practitioner.

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Lisa Haisha is a passionate retreat leader, world traveler, and life coach dedicated to facilitating transformative experiences. With a wealth of knowledge and a heart full of compassion, Lisa has touched countless lives through her teachings and her book, “Soul Blazing.”

Despina Kamper

Despina Kamper, an experienced retreat leader from Australia, is the driving force behind Self-Discovery Labs. With a rich background in naturopathy, nutrition, and counseling, Despina has dedicated over 20 years to helping individuals manage stress and emotional disorders.

Ron Morris’ Interview with the Retreat Leader in an Awakening Retreat in Spain.

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Please note that the following excerpts from the interview have been paraphrased for clarity and brevity.

Ron: I’m excited to be here with Usha Dearing, who has an incredible retreat coming up in southeast Spain. Usha, can you introduce yourself and tell us what you have planned for September?

Usha: Sure! I’m Usha. We moved to Spain four years ago to create retreats that help people heal. My journey began with my own healing from childhood trauma through yoga and various practices. I realized the power of retreats in providing dedicated time for self-focus and growth. This led to our Soul Rise retreat, now in its third year, which combines healing modalities, fun, and connection with nature, featuring delicious seasonal food.

Ron: It sounds beautiful. Can you walk us through a typical day at the retreat?

Usha: Absolutely. One of my favorite days starts with a sunrise beach session. We wake up early, practice yoga as the sun rises, and often go for a swim. After lunch, we have a workshop—topics vary from medicinal mushrooms to aura clearing and Ayurveda. We tailor activities based on the group’s needs. There’s also plenty of free time for personal reflection, and we end the day with dinner and a meditation.

Ron: That sounds wonderful. Can you tell us about the ceremonies you offer?

Usha: We hold a cacao ceremony, an ancient heart-healing practice from South America. We source cacao from women-owned businesses in Guatemala. The ceremony involves blessing the cacao, setting intentions, and drinking it to open our hearts, helping us connect deeply with our emotions and goals.

Ron: What outcomes have you seen in attendees?

Usha: We’ve seen significant life changes—career shifts, personal healing, and breaking of toxic habits. Our retreat offers a supportive space for profound realizations and transformations.

Ron: How can people learn more about your retreat?

Usha: They can visit my website and follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I’m also available for Zoom calls to connect with anyone interested before they commit.

Ron: That’s great. We’ll include all the links in our social media posts. Thank you for sharing, Usha. I wish you the best of luck with your retreat.

Usha: Thank you, Ron.

This information is provided solely for informational purposes and should not be considered an endorsement of any specific wellness practices.

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