Soul Rise Retreat

Soul Rise Retreat Soul Rise Retreat Soul Rise Retreat Soul Rise Retreat Soul Rise Retreat Soul Rise Retreat Soul Rise Retreat

This isn’t your average yoga retreat.
Inner Evolution and I are so happy to take you on a journey to evolve your soul.
An escape from the hustle and bustle of busy lives, a chance to reconnect to your true soul self, a chance to completely rest your body, mind, and soul.

On our Soul Rise retreat we are going to take you on a journey to allow your soul to rise once again with a range of soulful and sacred experiences including;

~ Daily Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.
~ Hiking in nature.
~ Relaxing and resting by the pool.
~ Spiritual and Ayurvedic Workshops.
~ Energy Healing.
~ Mindful meditation walks in the stunning Spanish countryside.
~ Cacao Ceremony – A ceremony to open our hearts to love deeply.
~ Free time for personal meditation, siestas, or reading in the hammocks and cosy spots around the finca.
~ Delicious locally sourced and seasonal Vegetarian meals (plant based available), sometimes with an Asian influence cooked by myself and other fabulous local chefs.
~ Sound Healing Concert – a Sound Healing journey using an array of instruments, including Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, a harp, hand pan, and more to bring a deep sense of relaxation to promote inner peace and healing.
~ A Soul Plan reading, a ten page plan decoding your name to reveal your souls purpose. A Soul plan Reading will open the doors to a number of opportunities that will help you feel more fulfilled and aligned with your true soul self. It is an interpretation of ancient system of your life purpose analysis which brings a greater perspective, guidance and healing on your life experiences and challenges, and help reconnect with your souls purpose. (click here to find out more)
~ Some extra surprises too……all to bring you back to your true essence and back to feeling your whole Self

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