Simplify Scintillate Synergise : Mountain Yoga Retreat in Spain, Malaga

Simplify Scintillate Synergise : Mountain Yoga Retreat in Spain, Malaga

Experience Tranquility at Our Six-Day Yoga Retreat in Andalusia
Join us for a serene six-day Yoga immersion, where every activity is optional and designed to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Here’s what awaits you:
* Daily Yoga Sessions: Two 1.5-hour Yoga classes each day, suitable for all levels.
* Delicious Meals: Three mouth-watering meals a day, tailored to your dietary needs.
* Yoga Philosophy Talks: Two insightful sessions on the history and key tenets of Yoga.
* Restorative Practices: Four sessions, including early morning meditation and late-night Yoga Nidra.
* Unspoilt Countryside: Explore 18 acres of pristine natural beauty.
* Evening Entertainment: Enjoy a film screening projected above the swimming pool.

Our retreat center also features a steam room and swimming pool for your relaxation. October is a perfect time to visit Andalusia, with pleasant sunbathing weather ranging from 23-28°C, without the intense summer heat.
We offer convenient transfers and can arrange day trips for you. Nearest train station: Pizarra. Nearest airport: Malaga.

For a full breakdown of retreat details, visit
For any questions or to book your spot, feel free to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing this beautiful experience together.

Sara & Akhil
Energy Yoga

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