Goddess Retreat in Egypt

Goddess Retreat in Egypt Goddess Retreat in Egypt Goddess Retreat in Egypt Goddess Retreat in Egypt Goddess Retreat in Egypt Goddess Retreat in Egypt Goddess Retreat in Egypt Goddess Retreat in Egypt Goddess Retreat in Egypt Goddess Retreat in Egypt

Aloha Lovely One

I am Michelle Leske, your host and tour organizer on this Retreat. Goddess Retreats came about after I first visited Egypt in 2011. I experienced so much healing, I grew so much as a person, I released fears, my confidence grew exponentially and I found my purpose. My dream was to host tours to Egypt. Not just site seeing tours but healing tours, I so wanted to give others the opportunity to heal spontaneously like I did. That was 13 years ago, now I have lost count of the number of Retreats I have hosted in Egypt. I have had the honor and privilege to host tours in Turkey and France too, and my list of bucket list countries grows all the time.

It is my honor to be able to host these retreats, and to witness so many participants healing, letting go, becoming completely different people to the ones that first came on the retreat. Many of the participants attend the retreats over and over again. I have made some really good friends, and do believe that we fulfil a Soul Contract or agreement, when we come together in a group to heal our hearts. Participants feel like family, soul family and the connections speak volumes.

I invite you to read through the itinerary and Answer the Call. I am looking forward to travelling to Mystical Egypt with you!

What you can expect on a Goddess Tour to Egypt:

You can expect to transform your life, perspective and sense of self

​You can expect to learn new ways to heal yourself

​You can expect to learn about the Chakra system, sound healing, different ways to meditate and mantras

You can experience the wonderful medicine of a Sacred Cacao Ceremony

​You can expect to have the privilege to meditate in temples that are not visited by the general public

​You can expect to be cared for, nurtured and nourished by my team, so that all you need to be concerned with is your personal growth

Daily Healing Sessions

​We have arranged 3 Private Entrances, the Paws of the Sphinx, the Great Pyramid and Abu Ghorab

​We will also be working with the elements: Fire, Air, Earth and Water. A shamanic process that assists to burn fears, learn to use your breath and voice, learn to love Gaia, and finally surrender into the process of healing

If you allow yourself to surrender to healing, the magic stored in the Temples, Tombs and Pyramids, could change your life dramatically

​You can expect to work with the energy of Adi Shakti – the Divine Feminine

​Mostly, you can definitely expect to learn to Love Yourself!

What is special about this Goddess Retreat in Egypt?

Private Entrance (Special Permission) to enter the Paws of the Sphinx (Closed to the public)

Private Entrance (Special Permission) to enter the Great Pyramid as a Private Group (no other members of the public will be in the pyramid while our group is there

Special Permission to the Sun Temple site at Abu Ghorab (this is closed to the public)

4 Nights on a Dahabiya. A Private boat where our group will be the only people sailing the Nile on this really special sail boat

This is not a tour, it is a retreat, where we spend a lot of time healing our hearts, connecting to our divinity and removing blockages to abundance, self-love and creating a life of our dreams

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