An Unforgettable Mother-Daughter Retreat in Costa Rica with Rian Gufarotti

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Viazara Exclusive Interview: An Unforgettable Mother-Daughter Retreat in Costa Rica with Rian Gufarotti.

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Ron: All right, I am here. This is really special. I’m with a retreat leader who’s going to talk about an upcoming mother-daughter retreat in Costa Rica. I’m Ron Morris, founder of Viazara, and I’m here with Rian Gufarotti. Did I get your name right?

Rian: You got it, Ron.

Ron: Tell us about yourself and this amazing retreat you have coming up.

Rian: Thank you, Ron. I’m an Ayurvedic holistic wellness coach specializing in women’s health, using tools from ancient wisdom to modern science. This retreat, inspired by my relationship with my 17-year-old daughter, is designed to strengthen bonds through shared wellness experiences and create lasting memories.

Ron: Can you walk us through a typical day on your retreat?

Rian: Sure. Mornings start with yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. We’ll enjoy healthy meals prepared by local chefs, followed by workshops on communication, feminine leadership, and cycle syncing. Excursions include horseback riding, hiking, surfing, and zip-lining. We also have breakout sessions for mothers and daughters to foster individual and collective growth.

Ron: It sounds like being in an unfamiliar location helps participants focus on their goals.

Rian: Exactly. “Explore the world around you and the world within you.” Doing this with your mom is powerful. Our daughters will experience women’s circles, feeling seen and validated in a safe space.

Ron: What do you hope mothers and daughters will take away from this experience?

Rian: I hope they leave with a stronger bond, deeper understanding, and respect for each other. They’ll practice conscious communication and active listening, and leave with lasting memories and tools to enhance their relationship.

Ron: This combines travel, adventure, and wellness. How can people learn more?

Rian: Visit,, or Follow us on social media at @soulfulwellnesscolorado on Instagram and Facebook. You can also email me at

Ron: And visit for more information. Thank you, Rian. What a special retreat you have in June in Costa Rica.

Rian: Thank you, Ron. It’s going to be amazing and magical. Thanks for having me to share this opportunity for mothers and daughters.

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The mother-daughter relationship is so special, but it doesn’t come with a manual. That’s why we’ve carefully designed this 4-night/5-day retreat in Costa Rica, where mothers and daughters between the ages of 15-25 can come together, connect deeper, cultivate healthy communication in the beautiful jungles of Costa Rica.

This information is provided solely for informational purposes and should not be considered an endorsement of any specific wellness practices.

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